Dried Red Rose Petal Online  - 100 gm
Dried Red Rose Petal Online  - 100 gm
Dried Red Rose Petal Online  - 100 gm

Dried Red Rose Petal Online - 100 gm

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Rose is world’s most favourite & romantic flower and it also hosts vast benefits such as being rich in Vitamin C which makes it acts as a sunscreen, it is also known to help in retaining moisture in the skin, is known to relieve stress and depression and many other benefits. Dried rose petals are an exotic addition to any dish of your choice found especially at specialty markets due to the delicacy required to create them.


Why use dried Rose petals? 

  • Helps in Digestion.
  • Helps soothe irritated skin.
  • Reduce dark circles.
  • Promotes collagen production.
  • May help in soothing Menstrual cramps.
  • Helps to soothe Anxiety and Reduce Stress.


How to use it? 

There is no end to how dried rose petals can be used. It can be added to bath salts to use as a natural bath salt. It can be used as an accent for any gift. It can also be added to water to create authentic rose water beneficial for the skin. It can also be used to brew tea and sprinkle on your favourite desserts and foods. You can even make your very own rose perfume. Obviously, you cannot forget that you can add hot water to the dried rose petals to make rose tea .



Transfer the contents of the pack to an airtight container to lock in the freshness of the petals. This will help it retain its essence for longer. It can also be stored in the fridge for longer usability. Usually, dried rose petals last for one to three years. But you have to make sure they remain devoid of moisture since as soon as they are damp they start decomposing. So the less moisture the longer they last.

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