About Us

Welcome to Healthy and Hygiene. We are one step closer to providing healthy and hygienic services all around the country. Although new in the market, we aim to provide our customers with healthy and 100% natural and hygienic products.

The everyday routine of an individual today is full of hustle and bustle with to-go eateries and unsanitized machinery. Here, we ensure that the quality of our product is not only top-notch but provide our clientele with a healthy lifestyle that fulfils their vitamin, minerals, and hygienic requirements.

Our wide range of products includes fresh and natural honey, quality oil for cooking, and spices like black pepper, fennel seeds, red chilli powder, cardamom, coriander seeds, dalchini, choti elaichi, badi elaichi, black salt, magh pipal, cumin seeds, methi dana, and mint powder. Amid the pandemic, we could not forget about your immunity. It is the most important in today’s scenario. Hence, we bring you immunity kadha and herbal tea.

In the range of hygiene, we bring you sets of disposable gloves and aero glove dispenser to keep germs at bay and your body healthy and sanitized. Our aero glove dispenser helps you put on the gloves without even touching. A puff of air and you are ready to attack the world of germs.

We have collaborations with Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI), which quotes are quality standards for the spices, beverage, oil, and honey we sell around the country. We have also collaborated with Hanskraft USA and Modern Agro (Kudrat Kart) to provide the best and only standard quality products to our customers.

The health of our customers is our prime concern; therefore, we ensure to check all the products before adding them to our inventory. We swear by natural and healthy portfolio, and we promise to deliver it.

We bring everything to you organic and directly from the farms. There are no added preservatives or chemicals. Our motto is taking care of your health and hygiene, and we do not compromise with that.

Brij Mohan Singh