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Most of the green tea available in the market tastes bitter, but taste of this tea is amazing.. available in many flavors, good fragrance , full of energy and healthful nutrients..Our family is really enjoying the taste.🙏🏻

Thank u

Savinder kaur

I’m addicted to coffee and have never been inclined to having teas. But found a variety of great herbal teas at healthy and hygiene which are actually quite good. My absolute favourite is the Sleep tea since I find it hard to sleep due to stress and anxiety from all day long. And anyway, we all know the benefits of chamomile and lemongrass. One cup of it is a mix of good taste, amazing aroma as well as health box kept checked! Will definitely be trying them all. Thank you for the best of blends!

Prabhleen Kaur

Really happy with the quality of tea purchased from HealthyandHygiene. The tea was great along with the packaging. Also the complimentary tea packets were very generous.

I am sure that HealthyandHygiene will go a long way to delight taste of tea lovers in the country. Look forward to them launching new products soon!

Tajeshwar singh