Immunity Booster Drink Benefits You Didn’t know About

Well, you can clearly understand from the name of the Immunity Booster drinks that this drink is beneficial for you, but we're here to tell you why.

As we all know by now, we have to boost our immunity to beat the ongoing pandemic, and that is what the vaccine also does but it's not natural. Immunity booster drinks are an interesting blend of some very healthy ingredients which helps in boosting your immunity to the next level and they have some fascinating benefits as well.

Consuming Immunity Booster Drinks is a natural way to boost your immunity because Indians have been using them since ancient times and it is the most natural way to feel stronger internally as being a liquid itself it gets absorbed faster by our body.

Different types of immunity booster drinks include- Immunity Booster Herbal Kadha, Masala Chai, Immunity Booster Green Tea, Kashmiri Kahwa, Mint Tea, Chamomile & Lemongrass Tea, Tulsi & Ginger Tea and Turmeric Citrus Herbal Tea.

  • Immunity Booster Herbal Kadha is a caffeine-free blend of 22 ingredients that are effective against the common cold, seasonal flu and helps to boost overall immunity. Drinking Immunity Booster Herbal Tea or Herbal Kadha is one of the most effective natural ways of boosting your immunity and preventing chronic diseases. Some other benefits of Immunity Booster Herbal Kadha include anti-ageing, detoxification, cures respiratory problems, helps you lose fat by increasing your metabolism.
  • Masala Chai is a blend of Assam CTC, Assam Leaf tea and twenty herbs and spices that add a unique taste and healthy properties to your everyday tea. It helps you get rid of gas and acidity problems if you have any and it is a healthy alternative for your regular milk tea but offers the same great taste.
  • Immunity Booster Green Tea is a healthy mixture of green tea and other immunity-boosting ingredients such as Amla, Tulsi, Giloy, Cinnamon, Ginger, Turmeric, Ashwagandha etc. These ingredients help to boost antioxidants in your body and fight chronic illnesses.
  • Kashmiri Kahwa is a traditional Kashmiri drink that is also a very healthy mixture of some very beneficial ingredients such as almonds, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and rose petals which are also very good and unique in taste. The Kashmiri Kahwa has anti-inflammatory properties which help keep your mind & body calm as well as helps cure indigestion.
  • Mint Tea is a blend of peppermint and spearmint and it is not only delicious, it can make you feel relaxed and refreshed as it has a very good taste, and not only that, the Mint Tea can also cure indigestion problem, prevents bacterial infections, reduces stress, and freshens your breath.It helps in reducing symptoms of asthma and allergies. It also alleviates tension, headaches, and reduces migraines.

Our Immunity Booster Drinks can do wonders and help you rejuvenate in ways that you could not even have imagined, it has various properties which can prevent you from catching chronic diseases and illnesses you couldn’t even think of.

Not even just diseases and illnesses, immunity booster tea has some benefits which include making you feel stress-free, help your skin glow and so much more that you’ve never even expected. The immunity booster herbal teas are made from dry natural ingredients which cannot be juiced and you can see those ingredients for yourself in their natural form.

The best time to consume the immunity booster herbal drinks is early morning on an empty stomach half an hour before your morning workout as it refreshes your mind and make you more focused for the upcoming day and thus helps you do a good workout.

The best part is that it helps build your immunity to fight the common cold, cough, nausea & fever. These mild discomforting illnesses are pushed back away from you as you’re strong enough internally to fight all of them. The immunity booster herbal tea is good for you if you’re suffering from indigestion because it helps clear out your body from unwanted unhealthy elements.

 Some of the main ingredients in the Immunity Booster Drinks include-

    • Tulsi- The other name for tulsi is Indian basil and it has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties that help you recover from fever and cold quickly. It also contains high quantities of Vitamin C and Zinc. All of this data is derived from official government websites.
    • Cinnamon- Cinnamon is known for decreasing the risk of chronic diseases as it contains some antioxidant properties which boost your immunity and kill internal infections. It is known as Dalchini in Hindi. TO know more about the special benefits of cinnamon you can refer to the article written by WebMD.
    • Black Pepper- Black Pepper reduces the risk of cancer, arthritis, and diabetes and as you might wonder, this tiny little spice can be a life-saver. It also has some properties which can kill the inflammation-causing infection. Here are some science-backed 11 health benefits of black pepper.
    • Cloves- Cloves are full of antioxidants and helps boosts your immunity.
    • Turmeric- Turmeric is rich in curcumin and it has great inflammatory properties which help reduce infection ( if you have any ) and it has some great additional perks too as it reduces muscle soreness, speeds up the healing process, and is a natural pain-killer.
    • Ginger- Other than the great refreshing taste, ginger is a power package of various nutrients which helps you reduce stress and make you heal from various types of infections.
    • Lemongrass- Lemongrass is a very major ingredient as you can make a unique and healthy lemongrass herbal tea as it is full of antioxidants and not only that, lemongrass is your way to go if you’re suffering from high or low blood pressure.
    • Rose Petals- According to WebMD, Rose petals contain polyphenols, antioxidants that work to protect your body from cell damage. The polyphenols in rose tea have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cognitive diseases.
    • Peppermint- Peppermint is also a very important ingredient because it has many health benefits and helps cure indigestion in your body, freshens your breath, gives relief from tension and headaches, and so much more. Here are 12 science backed benefits of peppermint tea.

Other ingredients present in Immunity Booster Tea include Licorice, Rock Salt, Arjun Bark, Amla, Rose Petals, Ginger Green Cardamom, Triphala, Turmeric, Fennel, Pipli, Bay Leaf, Javitri, Nutmeg, Star Anise, Asafoetida, Brahmi, and Ashwagandha. All these ingredients are very beneficial for you as they have some very healthy benefits which we think are very beneficial and healthy for you.

Benefits of Immunity Booster tea

  1. Detoxification – Turmeric, Ginger, and Black pepper are full of antioxidants that help you detox and keep your body healthy. The rejuvenating ingredients are essential for you as they can prevent some chronic diseases as well.
  2. Cures Respiratory Problems – It is a known fact that herbal teas are great for curing cough and cold as it clears your lungs and cleans the whole system. And not just that, the immunity booster herbal teas are full of antioxidants and antibodies that prevent major diseases.
  3. Helps you lose weight – Immunity Booster Herbal Tea has properties that increase your metabolism and help you get leaner with a proper fat loss diet. The ingredients present in this tea are nutritionally packed to make you feel a little full after drinking it and you won’t even consider eating junk after you drink this tea.
  4. Anti-Ageing -The herbs present in the Immunity Booster herbal tea contains antioxidants that make your skin glow and make your hair healthier too. Make this immunity booster herbal tea an essential part of your regime to experience some life-changing benefits.
  5. Reduce Stress & Anxiety- It is a known fact for ages that consumption of healthy herbal caffeine-free teas can help cure depression, anxiety and reduce stress & pressure. The antioxidants present in the immunity booster tea can make your stress go away and make you feel more relaxed.
  6. Provides relief from cold, cough & fever- The main task of the immunity booster herbal tea is that it provides instant relief from common, cold, cough, nausea & fever. And drinking it is the best natural way of curing all these discomforting illnesses.

Did you know this about Immunity booster Drinks?

Drink the immunity booster Tea daily: Studies have shown that drinking the immunity booster herbal tea daily will provide you with the maximum benefits.

Skin benefits of the immunity booster Tea: It is very helpful in the anti-ageing process as it helps replace the old skin cells with new ones and improves overall blood flow in your body.

Immunity Tea helps fight the pandemic:This herbal tea is known for boosting your immunity and it is the one thing that you should take seriously during this pandemic. And according to Pharmeasy, this COVID-19 pandemic taught us that improving your immune system naturally is much more important than running later for various medicines and injections.

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