Aeroglove touchless dispenser
Aeroglove Touchless Dispenser
Aeroglove Touchless Dispenser
Aeroglove Touchless Dispenser

Aeroglove Touchless Dispenser

Regular price Rs. 8,000.00
Health & Hygiene is worried about your safety during the pandemic. Hence, we introduce you with quality polyethylene gloves with a touchless aeroglove dispenser stand. It is suitable for hospital, clinics, home clinics, and home care.

With the dispenser stand, you never have to worry about coming in touch with an infected surface. It also prevents you from touching anyone with infected hands as well. For the safety of doctors, patients, and everyone at home, buy it now.

A puff of air opens up the glove, and you can easily slide your hand into it. The dispenser stand frees you from the hassle of wearing gloves with a simple technique of air. Keep corona and other viruses away with our aeroglove automatic glove dispenser.


  • This electronic, automated touch free glove dispenser with motion sensor Technology, so you can use it even in even the most high traffic environments.
  • Minimizing risk of cross contamination
  • AC or Battery Power options.
  • Manufactured from Antimicrobial plastic, High grade materials & components.