Weight loss green tea (teabags)| Slimming and Detox Green tea
Weight loss green tea (teabags)| Slimming and Detox Green tea
Best Green tea leaves
Weight loss green tea (teabags)| Slimming and Detox Green tea
Weight loss green tea (teabags)| Slimming and Detox Green tea
Weight loss green tea (teabags)| Slimming and Detox Green tea
Weight loss green tea (teabags)| Slimming and Detox Green tea

Weight loss green tea (teabags)| Slimming and Detox Green tea

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SLIM AND DETOX TEA BAGS contain green tea and other spices and herbs that are great for refreshment and have antioxidant properties. SLIM AND DETOX TEA BAGS sometimes vary in some ingredients, and there are a few varieties of detox tea. 

Detox tea is herbal and organic and has a lot of medicinal properties. Detox or detoxification refers to various processes for the elimination of toxins from the body.


  1. OOLONG TEA – It is a semi-oxidised form of tea that is traditionally used in China.
  2. GREEN TEA – It is the type of tea obtained from the Camellia sinensis plant whose leaves are not oxidised.
  3. MINT – Mint leaves are essential for detoxification and have anti-inflammatory properties.
  4. CINNAMON – It has some anti-diabetic properties and gives a delicate aroma to the flavour of the tea.
  5. LICORICE – This herb has anti-bacterial and medicinal effects.
  6. ROOIBOS – It is obtained from Aspalathus, a member of the Fabaceae family, and is used in making herbal tea. The leaves of the rooibos herbal tea get fermented and processed before consumption.
  7. TULSI – Considered a sacred plant in India, the leaves of tulsi have a wide range of health benefits.
  8. GINGER – It is considered one of the most important ingredients of masala chai.
  9. JASMINE – Jasmine is used mainly for its aroma in slim and detox tea.
  10. MORINGA – It is a flowering plant whose fruit pods are used in slim and detox tea for their antibiotic properties.
  11. Gymnema sylvestre – This plant is commonly used as Ayurvedic medicine. It contains gymnemic acids as important chemical components which temporarily suppress the sweet taste receptors of the tongue. 
  12. TURMERIC – Turmeric is rich in antioxidants which gradually increases immunity and improves skin condition.
  13. ASHWAGANDHA – It is a medicinal herb that is believed to have the property of lowering blood pressure and numerous other medicinal properties.
  14. FENNEL – Fennel seeds have a specific flavour and add a soothing effect to the masala chai.
  15. LEMONGRASS – Lemongrass, mainly found in Southern parts of India and Sri Lanka, is used as a herb for cooking and in slim and detox tea because of its anti-inflammatory properties.
  16. PIPLI – It is also known as long pepper, and it is used as a dried spice in seasoning.
  17. CARDAMOM – It also adds a distinct flavour to masala chai.


  1. IMPROVED DIGESTION – Green tea and other SLIM AND DETOX TEA BAGS ingredients reduce bloating and improve the metabolism of the digestive system.
  2. TOXIN REMOVAL – Harmful toxins are chemical compounds that accumulate in the tissues of our body. The various ingredients of the SLIM AND DETOX BAGS help remove the toxins from the tissues.

The flavonoids and other antioxidants eliminate the harmful reactive oxygen species (ROS) from the blood.

  1. WEIGHT LOSS – The flavonoids and other minerals present in SLIM AND DETOX TEA BAGS increase metabolism, which is said to have a significant role in weight loss.
  2. THE AWARENESS OF MIND – SLIM AND DETOX TEA BAGS containing detox tea reduces mental fatigue and stress and helps an individual stay alert and focused on his work and the surroundings.
  3. INCREASE IN IMMUNITY – Proper and regular consumption of the ingredients of SLIM AND DETOX TEA BAGS gradually increases the immunity of the human body as it adds immunity to stay more aware and fight off any mild infection and inflammation.




Total Fat

0.2 g


0 mg


5.7 mg


15.9 mg

Total Carbohydrates

0.5 g


0.2 g

Vitamin A


Vitamin B6









  1. Boil the water and then pour the hot water into a cup.
  2. Dip the SLIM AND DETOX TEA BAGS and dip multiple times to mix the tea bag's ingredients properly.
  3. You may add sweetener or enjoy the tea without sweetener.


The excessive and indiscriminate use of SLIM AND DETOX TEA BAGS with various forms of detox tea can lead to some health issues. 

Too much consumption of caffeine-rich detox tea can lead to various symptoms like anxiety, increased heart rate, tremors in the hands, irritation, and sleep issues because caffeine can affect the body's circadian rhythm.

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