Buy Kahwa Green Tea | Kashmiri kahwa
Buy Kahwa Green Tea | Kashmiri kahwa
Kashmiri kahwa green tea
benefits of kashmiri kahwa green tea
Buy Kahwa Green Tea | Kashmiri kahwa
ingredients of kashmiri kahwa green tea
Buy Kahwa Green Tea | Kashmiri kahwa
Buy Kahwa Green Tea | Kashmiri kahwa

Buy Kahwa Green Tea | Kashmiri kahwa

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A popular breakfast tea among the Kashmiris, this exotic blend is made from fine green tea leaves and spices like almonds, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and rose petals. With a spicy flavour and wonderful aroma, it leaves your mind refreshed. 

While it has a cultural significance, the Kashmiri Kahwa is a tea packed with polyphenols and catechins which aid in weight management, skin troubles and metabolism improvement.

Kashmiri kahwa Tea Benefits:

  • Helps keep the body and mind calm.
  • Improves the digestion process.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties.


Assam Green Tea, Almonds, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Rose Petals, Saffron.


Why should you drink Kashmiri Kahwa tea?

Bounty of the beautiful Himalayas, Kashmiri Kahwa tea is not only popular for its striking pink coloration. This healthful beverage has been suggested as a medicinal remedy for gastrointestinal issues for generations. Kahwa is considered a boon for maintaining the health of the digestive tract and fastening metabolism. It is often recommended as a home remedy for constipation. While the captivating scenery of Kashmir plays its role in healing the heart, the Kahwa ensures that your gut stays clean.

Kashmiri Kahwa is reliable in braving common cold and other problems of the upper respiratory tract. In today’s day and age, this beverage could prove to be very beneficial in supplementing immunity and reducing the severity of viral symptoms. The presence of Vitamin B12 in this tea helps in boosting immunity and reducing inflammation. 

The role of Kahwa has been documented in reducing stress, improving mental alertness, and providing a vibrant glow. This special tea may just be the secret behind the everlasting glow of Kashmiri faces. It helps in the deep moisturization of the skin and maintains the correct pH balance. Kahwa can delay the signs of aging and maintain the agility of the body.  

This tea may just be the perfect start to a productive day. It is known for boosting energy levels and providing freshness. This is owed to the presence of valuable dry fruits in the ingredients. A cup of hot Kahwa can melt down your tiredness on a busy day and help you relax. This tea can make the functioning of the body more efficient. Other than that, the role of Kashmiri Kahwa has been established in reducing the occurrence of heart ailments and other chronic diseases. 

Kashmiri Kahwa has rendered warmth and enlightened bodies with its health benefits for thousands of years. Bless your life with this accord from the mountains. 

Disclaimer: The product is not intended to treat or cure any ailments. The ingredients are known for several health improving properties however; we do not claim any effects as said or observed. FDA and FSSAI has not evaluated these statements.